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Hello Preschool Parents!!!



Teaching Preschool is something I wanted ever since I was in preschool. I don’t remember too much about those years or my teacher, but it must have been wonderful because it is all I can ever remember wanting to do. This is my DreamJob (besides being a mom!!!) and I cannot even believe how lucky I am to do what I LOVE!!!

I love my precious students, I love watching them learn and grow and see their eyes light up when they discover something new, I love getting to know each one individually and loving each completely different personality all the same. I love to see them come into my class at the beginning of the year as a Brand New Preschooler and leave just a couple later, all ready for kindergarten and for a new school year with a new teacher and knowing they CAN DO IT!!! I love that I will miss them when they go off to kindergarten, but I also love knowing I have a new bunch to get to know and love and miss just as much the next year!!! 

There isn't ANYTHING I don't love about teaching preschool!!! 


- Amanda Reilley, Owner/Director/PassionateTeacher!!!

MightyHearts Preschool

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