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About Us

Growing Mighty Hearts & Minds


SUPER Loving Teachers

I love my precious students, I love watching them learn and grow and see their eyes light up when they discover something new, I love getting to know each one individually and loving each completely different personality all the same. I love to see them come into my class at the beginning of the year as a Brand New Preschooler and leave just a couple later, all ready for kindergarten and for a new school year with a new teacher and knowing they CAN DO IT!!! I love that I will miss them when they go off to kindergarten, but I also love knowing I have a new bunch to get to know and love and miss just as much the next year!

- Amanda Reilley, Director & Teacher

ACTIVE & Well-Rounded Curriculum

MightyHearts Preschool’s child-focused curriculum has been developed by Amanda Reilley, an experienced Preschool Expert and professional with 15 years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of children. As the Owner, Director and PassionateTeacher, she has created a thematic based curriculum that is packed with activities ranging from whole group circle time to active learning games that are inviting to children. We build vocabulary, early literacy skills and math concepts with songs and games. All lesson plans have been Carefully Crafted, Teacher Tested and Kid Approved!


CLEAN & SAFE Classrooms

One of our favorite compliments our facility gets is parents noticing just how clean and organized we keep our classrooms.  Your child's health and safety is our top priority so we have staff cleaning regularly throughout the day!  In addition to our regular sanitation procedures, we have prepared our classrooms with all the appropriate safeguards for in-person instruction.  Our facility stays locked with a camera system at the entrance to see each person who arrives.  We then have a contactless drop-off, complete with a temperature check and hand sanitizing each morning.    



We keep our teacher-student ratio low on purpose (far lower than state regulations)!  Our preschool classroom never has more than 13 students with two teachers.  That's more high fives, jokes, and hugs per student as well as time for tailored one-on-one instruction.  With the opportunity to know all of the wonderful ways your child is unique, we can help them develop beyond the curriculum and focus on their Mightyhearts.  Our students become experts at friendship, sharing, manners, listening, communicating,  and more!

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