Meet the Team

Meet our Mighty Teachers!

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Amanda Reilley

Owner, Director, Teacher


​Teaching Preschool is something I wanted ever since I was in preschool. I don’t remember too much about those years or my teacher, but it must have been wonderful because it is all I can ever remember wanting to do. This is my DreamJob (besides being a mom!!!) and I cannot even believe how lucky I am to do what I LOVE!!!

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Nicki Rien

Center Manager

Nicki ensures this whole place runs smoothly and does so with a cheerful smile.  She's incredibly bright and organized and we're so grateful that she's brought her talents to our preschool.  If you need anything at all she's happy to answer your questions, and can relate as a PRESCHOOL MOM herself to her sweet son Ryder!  

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Miss Megan is our Substitute Director and is a big help to both classrooms.  As Amanda's daughter, Teacher Megan literally grew up around preschoolers.   Our most seasoned veteran teacher, Megan knows the ins and outs of classroom management and child psychology. She's currently studying criminology, but don't let that fool you!  She's patient, goofy, and kind.  The kids absolutely adore Teacher Megan!! 

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Elementary Teacher

Teacher Adaline is our super amazing school-age teacher!  She's currently working on obtaining her teaching degree, but you'd never know that she's not an old pro! She is especially good at building relationships with children and interacting with them in unique ways to help them grow.  She brings a tremendous amount of creativity to her lessons and her famous science light up the kids' eyes!

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Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Ali is our cheerful and sweet Preschool Teacher.  Ali fell in love with kids from the start, being one of five siblings.  She's spent over a decade as a camp counselor, swim instructor, nanny, and online English teacher.  She's currently working on her Master's in Education.  She loves getting to imagine, create, play, and most of all make your little ones laugh.  Her artsy side comes in handy during craft time each day!

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