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A Life Saver for Busy Parents

Full Day Childcare
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Full-Day Childcare
& After School

MightyHearts Preschool is a SuperFantastic place to play and learn that is conveniently located close to your home or work in Hillsboro, OR. Choose from Various daycare schedules and flexible hours to accommodate the busy schedules of working parents.


MightyHearts Preschool Families have Peace of Mind and feel confident knowing their LittleOne is safe, loved, learning and having fun!!!

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Preschoolers have wonderfully active imaginations and we want to foster that in every way possible. LittleOnes love to use their whole body to explore, learn from each other, use new skills and discover ways to play. We use our eyes, our ears, our taste, our touch, and our sense of rhythm to learn in our Pre k classes. We LOVE music and use it to learn things!!!


Prek is full of many wonderful experiences such as arts, crafts, science experiments, making new friends, and playing many learning games!!!  Sit back and watch your child's skills take off!!! You will be amazed and surprised at the changes during these preschool years!!! Enjoy the Ride!!!

School Age
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School Age

Need a place for your little one to complete their virtual learning?  Our facility will follow all state protocols to keep your child safe while still giving them the interaction, structure, and support they need to help them succeed during these difficult times.  Spots are filling up fast so call us with your questions! 

Summer Program
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During a traditional summer we pack your little ones day with exploration and adventure.  Soooooooo many field trips along with days Jam-packed with games, sports, aarts and crafts and of course, WATER PLAY!  Some of our favorites include the water park, movies, bowling, gymnastics, and berry picking!    

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