Super Hero Kids


is our superpower!

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Full Day Childcare

 No School?  No Problem! We have a SuperSolution that is Fun for Kids and UltraConvenient for Busy, Working Parents!

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Pre-k is a wonderful place to make new friends and enjoy learning through arts, crafts, singing and dancing, science experiments, and learning games.

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School Age

Need a safe place to learn virtually?  Join the Mightyhearts classroom!  Our teachers will guide your little ones and help them stay on track with today's distance learning.  

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Summer is for playing!  The Mightyhearts summer program will pack your little one's day with sunshine, excitement, and discovery!

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Our Approach

MightyHearts Preschool’s child-focused curriculum has been developed by Amanda Reilley, an experienced Preschool Expert and professional with 15 years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of children. As the Owner, Director and PassionateTeacher, she has created a thematic based curriculum that is packed with activities ranging from whole group circle time to active learning games that are inviting to children. We build vocabulary, early literacy skills and math concepts with songs and games.  All lesson plans have been Carefully Crafted, Teacher Tested, and Kid Approved!!!

Red, Yellow and Blue Superhero Comics Da

What Parents Think

My son attended the full day-care for a year as a preschooler and absolutely LOVED it. The growth socially and academically that he's made in a year is HUGE and I know that after being at Mighty Hearts that he will be successful in Kindergarten. The teachers embraced the loud silliness of my child and just loved him for who he is.

- Jennifer Polivka